Monday, October 8, 2007

My talk with Google Search Quality engineer

During lunchtime of the Search Camp event in Chennai, I met Alok and Vivaik from Google. Two very unassuming guys who turned out to be Search Quality engineers at Google.

Although it would not be right on my behalf to post our entire discussion, but it was really good to know that these guys came to the Search Camp event just to hear SEOs comment on Google natural search. Although I did not see anyone specifically comment on this, I am sure they met some good people who will give them valuable feedback.

I asked them whether they go to forums to check what SEOs talk about Google and they replied in the affirmative. It seems that they visit webmasterworld, SEOchat and a few other forums. I also asked them if they were looking at only India specific results or global and it seems that they look into all English language results.

When asked if they were not fed up of rants and other biased comments from SEOs they said that it’s their job to see whether there was truth to what the SEOs are saying. I must say I was impressed because its very easy to get put off by excessive Google search sucks rant of SEO (ask any popular forum moderator and they will agree).


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